Jeans Sets: 5 Style Tips

When we think of a piece that is comfortable, stylish and super trend, we can bet on jeans. Jeans is that piece for all hours, need a quick look? Go in jeans. Need a neat style look? Go in jeans.

And for denim lovers, the most daring and authentic combo is the double jeans. If you also love jeans and want to bet on trend, we’ve separated 5 style tips for you to copy. Check it! Continue reading “Jeans Sets: 5 Style Tips”

Sailor Jack, the Retro Brand of Male Cosmetics

The practice of growing beards and mustaches has existed since the dawn of mankind, but only recently the world cosmetics market began to give due attention to the male audience and their respective sections. And it was exactly this lack of products available in Brazil that led this bearded family to create the brand name Sailor Jack. Continue reading “Sailor Jack, the Retro Brand of Male Cosmetics”

Tips: What are Leggings and How to Use Them

Learn all about the most versatile part of the ladies wardrobe.

Leggings are long leggings, very common in sports, both male and female, being made from the mixture of fabrics such as lycra, elastane, nylon, cotton or polyester, among others. Continue reading “Tips: What are Leggings and How to Use Them”

Clothes of Winter for Gorditas

Winter for gorditas clothing- fashion for chubby

Get the winter… And with this a new trend of fashion for you. If you are concerned that to wrap up more, it will look more well-fed, it is false, there are winter for gorditas clothing that can make you look a few pounds less, and not always going to have that be dark colors. Continue reading “Clothes of Winter for Gorditas”

Female Jackets Jeans Models

The popularity of jeans was undoubtedly a several of waters in the history of contemporary fashion. Since emerged, and there many years, around 1850 at the height of the gold rush and the conquest of the American West, passing by the emergence of cinema in the 20TH century, when artists such as James Dean and Marlon Brando wore the jeans as a symbol of youth rebellion, the jeans fell to the popular taste. Continue reading “Female Jackets Jeans Models”

Shoes for Brides

Who is about to get married or already have a very close friend who has been there knows all too well how hard it is to arrange a wedding. We have to think about various things and choose our look from head to toe, and when I say feet is because we have to invest good shoes for brides, to enjoy the big day so stylish and relaxed. Continue reading “Shoes for Brides”

[Lfw] New Look for the Shirts!

We live in days where the trends cross borders as the blink of an eye! So if you are in tune with the news that arise each season of international fashion, you need to pay special attention to the result of our research work during London Fashion Week. It’s really a very intense week with a lot of things happening and interesting people with references even more attractive by all sides. Continue reading “[Lfw] New Look for the Shirts!”

Men’s Sweater: Escape Cold and Stay with a Beautiful Look

The men’s sweater became a favorite cold parts recently. So let’s talk about it, show ways to use and the models to buy. It’s a cold mainly made of wool and with long sleeve. The latest models feature v-necks despite being found with collar also bald. Continue reading “Men’s Sweater: Escape Cold and Stay with a Beautiful Look”

How to Wear Winter Jeans Dress?

Who does not love a nice jeans dress? It is a super practical piece that leaves you with the style up there. Whatever the occasion, a jeans dress can save you in those hours of lack of inspiration that everyone has.

But what about wearing jeans in winter? Can it? What to combine? That it matches everything, have no doubt. Continue reading “How to Wear Winter Jeans Dress?”