Smartwatch Long Battery Life

If there is a serious disincentive to the purchase of any of the so-fashionable “smart watches” (and leaving aside the cost, of course) then this probably is the need for these gadgets can be plugged in to charge practically daily. The company seems ASUS have managed to overcome this annoying shortcoming of the SmartWatch technology, judging by novopredstaveniya model VivoWatch, which obviously does not belong to a luxury brand product family Zen.

For ASUS VivoWatch is expected to hit the market a little later in the year, but now Taiwanese manufacturer does not share much details. The company focus mainly on the fact that the new company “fitness-oriented product” can operate autonomously on a single charge for a full 10 days. This is definitely a very good achievement considering dim autonomy of most other representatives of this type of equipment.

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Elite Corsa Water Bottle Review

In this review we analyze the characteristics of Elite water bottle Race Clear considering what are the main strengths and weaknesses.

The universal water bottle Corsa Clear is a suitable for all types of cycling. This is a very easy-to-clean plastic bottle, with a capacity of 550ml. It is thus a standard size bottle and made to be inserted into any universal bottle cage.

It is a classic bike bottle, especially economical, and featuring a simple design, modern and clean. Turns out to be semi transparent plastic material, so that at any time it is easy to check how much liquid contains.

The size of the product, as we said on the online store of waterbottlesshop, let you fill it with just over half a litre of liquid, be it water that other liquid foodstuffs like minerals or supplements. But it must be done carefully, if you use colored liquids, to thoroughly clean the bottle after each use otherwise they may color the plastic.

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How to Choose a LED Flashlight

Choosing a LED flashlight must be made according to your needs. As seen above there are numerous models for every taste and every need. First you need to analyze the use that you make of your flashlight. There are people who buy a torch to put near to the light meter for the occasions when this shoot and miss the light throughout the House. In this case could be the one for you also a commercial flashlight from a few tens of euros. In this case you have to be careful not to buy an inferior product, which in times of need let us literally in the dark.

They then evaluated the size of the torch. As mentioned above, if the torch must be kept in a safe environment, as it contains a counter or in a cupboard with bulk batteries, it’s good to know the size, so you don’t have to then put elsewhere when not in use and then not find her in time of need, classic situation. If you have to carry the torch inside a backpack or a purse, you shouldn’t have too much trouble, in this case its size might also be less influential.

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Garden Night Lights

Which garden lights suitable for which purpose?

The forms of garden lights have become so diverse that it is sometimes no longer almost see the forest for the trees. To keep things in perspective, it can be according to their expediency organize.

Functional lighting for garden paths and pitfalls against

One of the main purposes of garden lighting is the illumination of paths, so that the garden owners arrive safely from the fence to the house. This functional garden lights are installed along the way, either by floor lights recessed, bollard lights along the path sets up, or not blinding spotlight focused on the way. Especially in this type of garden lighting, it makes sense, with motion sensors to work, the switch on the light when entering the garden and so for orientation and safety at night care. Moreover, such an investment, especially in non-accessible gardens, scare burglars.

Aesthetic garden lighting for staging of the garden

An entirely different purpose of garden lights, it may be deliberately accents in the garden to sit. By illuminating individual plants or particularly successful garden decoration garden also acts at night. A special form of beautifying garden lights are night lights from, which are either situated on the shore near the pond or just below water for exciting light effects make.

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Pregnancy Tunic Tops

Beautiful classic wait-and frame-tunic with cross-over “sewn into side operation, making it ideal for breastfeeding. The tunic is made of the most comfortable and stretchy blend of viscose and elastane as support and stretch it beautifully on your stomach.

Kaza Tunic

Simple and feminine wait tunic which nevertheless has a very elegant design.
The tunic top long sleeve falls nice and is well suited for everyday use or for a special occasion. The tunic has a super U-neck, short sleeves and is made of lovely soft material, which nicely highlights your stomach. As an extra plus, the tunic can also be used after the birth.


Naomi Tunic

Looking for a comfortable and airy tunic in poncho style, so have byStroom designed one of the nicest. The tunic is fabricated in still and comfortable material and has a nice braided edge on the cut which goes all the way round and the tunic itself falls nice released on your body. The large and airy sleeves formed by seams on the sides so you end up with a poncho that has sleeves.

Cashmere Sweater Vintage

Cashmere is one of the most luxurious and expensive natural materials. Its useful and aesthetic qualities make it a very desirable and exclusive material. Products made of cashmere wool are uniquely subtle, soft and pleasant to the touch and wear. Vintage sweaters of cashmere warm minimum twice over thick sweaters made from a normal wave. Clothes from cashmere wool retain their shape, do not stretch, do not fade. With proper care, will last for many years.

How is cashmere wool produced?

Cashmere wool is extracted from the hair of Kashmir goats or, more precisely, from the bottom layer coat. This exclusive breed of goat inhabits the high mountains in China and Mongolia. The special feature of these goats is their fleece, which is two layers to protect them from the fierce cold of that reaches -40 degrees. Raw cashmere wool is collected mostly during the spring and summer months when the goats. It follows a long process of manual processing for the extraction of cashmere yarn and are popular in 80s for men and women. It can now back sweater or scarf type. Did you know about knitting of an ordinary sweater is needed surge of 3 to 5 goats?

What we need to look at the selection of vintage cashmere clothes?

Important when choosing a vintage cashmere sweater or other article to find out how many threads cashmere yarn sewn. This is the main parameter that determines the quality of the garment. More threads warmer sweater. Respectively, less fiber, in fine mesh. The most common cashmere products in our collection are knitted from two threads. They are so fine that you can wear them every day and always feel comfortable. The products in our catalog, which most warm are entangled by 10 or 12 filaments for the coldest days of the year.

Hummer RC Car

Radio control cars are certainly more popular vehicles within the remote control hobby. You will find many models: from replicas of vintage cars to Formula 1 cars. Probably the most fun are the cars all-terrain, such as the Hummer RC.

The Hummer RC, like the rest of radio control cars, achieved with different forms of propulsion: can be electric (battery) or combustion (petrol) engine. Current battery cars can reach high speeds, and have the same functions as those who operate gasoline: turn on the lights, they have sound, toss smoke when they collide and even have an alarm system. Depending on the size, clear. The Hummer RC petrol using a special mixture, known as nitro, methanol, nitromethane and oil. If you think compete, we recommend that you choose a car petrol, higher performance, both in speed and autonomy.

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Snoopy Bags

His passion for the comics character Snoopy can be new, but the puppy fun and slightly lazy is pretty old. His first appearance in comics was in 1950 and had another name, Sniff, but as it was already used in another comic strip, became our beloved Snoopy in his first edits. I never went out of style, so it can invest in all kind of accessory with character print, including Snoopy bags.

If you like the character you won’t have difficulties to find a model to please you. There are long, short grip, cluthes, necessary style template, among others. The most beloved models are saddle-bags with long handle, those that fit everything to take during a day’s work. The smallest are a good tip if you are the type of practice and carries only the necessary. The prices are different, so it will be a good research before clicking buy or pass on your credit card machine.

The Chinese are the largest manufacturers of low price bags, Snoppy providing for several countries. But the character has his own brand and sold with quality label in a few national stores in general importers. Most of the products on the market is of independent production, simply select quality items and will not have problems in use.

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#Leggun: Artist Ai Weiwei Launches New Selfie Trend

The leg as gun: The Chinese artist Ai Weiwei posted a Selfie by himself, has he holds his leg like a gun in hand. For the so-called Leggun, he has also inclined his head as he would use his toes to the objectives.

Although it is not entirely clear what wants to say Weiwei with this image – it could be but a critical comment on the anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre, the verge reported, citing the newspaper the guardian. Perhaps it’s simply a Weiwei typical criticism of the current Chinese Government – or just a fun. It is especially sure that Weiwei has triggered a new Selfie trend with the photo. On his Instagram feed are numerous imitators, posing with a Leggun for a photo – or pets and toys in this pose have photographed.

From The Original To The Meme

Of course it didn’t take long until the Leggun in various memes has been processed: A photo shows a user, for example, carries as he shoots his leg on a picture of Mickey Mouse – and a gas mask. After sex, Suglies and Belfies the Leggun seems to be in a very short time to having developed a further Selfie hit. Because such trends have generally only a short life span, you should take the legs in the hand as quickly as possible to post a Leggun picture in time.

Android Alarm Clock

Google’s decision to remove some of its core applications within the Android has borne fruit and allowed very interesting developments.

An example of one of these applications is the clock Android itself, which contains within itself several functions, including the alarm. There is now this alarm clock an interesting novelty and that will improve your day early.

When removing from within the Android these applications, which in most cases is “trapped” inside the operating system, Google can devote to them and create new versions or enhance features you want without having to wait for operating system updates .

And as we all know that Android updates may be delayed many brands, so users can more freedom and more frequent updates.

Android clock now has a very interesting novelty in the alarm clock, which will certainly facilitate the wake of its users. It’s simple, easy to configure and requires no user intervention to be used.

Discretely Google started to allow the alarm ringing gradually increasing volume as the user agrees.

Enable gradual increase of volume alarm

Begin then to launch the Clock application and choose the Alarm tab. Ai will see your alarms and the possibility of creating new alarms.

What we want is access to the settings and it should open the menu to the 3 points gives access. There are the Settings option.

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