Parrot Disco: Fast Wing Drone with VR Goggles Have Arrived!

Earlier this year introduced a new concept of drones parrot. A new construction method to make Disco the Parrot especially quick and enduring. Now, the manufacturer announced the retail price and the launch date. Therefore the drone from September 2016 is available and costs about 1,300 euros.

Quick and enduring

With its two large wings and a propeller at the rear, the drone is similar to almost a small plane. The new design without rotors makes the aircraft very light and stable and also quickly and enduring. The drone reached a top speed of less than 80 km/h and a range of up to 2 kilometers. According to the manufacturer, has a GPS chip on board the Parrot disco and last 45 minutes with one battery charge. The associated app is available for ios and Android. Continue reading “Parrot Disco: Fast Wing Drone with VR Goggles Have Arrived!”

Sony Xperia X Compact: New Mini’s Flagship in the Practice Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Sony Xperia X compact revived the dying breed of mini smartphones with fresh middle-class hardware. The work pace is thanks to the six core processor on the amount of time and the 23-megapixel camera can take on iphone 6 S even Apple’s. A XZ Compact has not become but, for this, Sony has made too many cuts in the plastic design and the remaining facilities. Per fast work tempo good rear camera display despite HD resolution sharp fingerprint sensor against slippery back weak front camera battery not changeable assessment of editorial good IFA 2016 started (2 to 7 September 2016 in Berlin) and also the great rendezvous of the manufacturer. The high-tech giants including Sony have all kinds of news from the world of technology in the luggage. In addition to the new smartphone’s flagship Xperia XZ, the Japanese introduced another device: the Sony Xperia X compact. The successor of the Z5 compact Sony pulls a special ACE up the sleeve, with which a manufacturer in the hopelessly overcrowded smartphone market can still fall. Because while the competitors are addicted to the XXL display delusion, the traditional manufacturer thinks a number back less. Our site has seen the mini Smartphone. Continue reading “Sony Xperia X Compact: New Mini’s Flagship in the Practice Test”

Net Neutrality: Special deals for Our Site co. Limited

Internet service provider may admit in future no generous special streaming services in Europe. The new guidelines of the European telecoms regulator Berec foresee, which were released on Tuesday in Brussels. An example of a such a special deal: Our site music streaming cost Telekom customers so far no data volume. Although great for consumers, but critics and regulators see it as a disadvantage of competitors. Since early August, our site for Telecom new customers costs however return data volume.

Music: download and streaming provider in the test

Zero rating: no general ban on

When a user has exhausted its monthly data packet, a telecom operator would normally slow down the more Internet use or block. Special provisions for certain offerings, which still fully continue to are likely to use, are not allowed according to Berec. There not be a ban that zero rating to. National supervisors should examine individual cases so Berec. Tele-medicine is cited as an example, about the transfer of data during ongoing operations. Continue reading “Net Neutrality: Special deals for Our Site co. Limited”

Acer Liquid Z6 and Z6 Plus: First Impression at IFA 2016

Acer put in the past for its smartphones on a special feature: both liquid Z630 and Z630S as also liquid zest plus have huge batteries. At the IFA 2016 shows in Berlin, that the manufacturer now also in other ways at the mobile fans want to score as the liquid Z6 plus is finally to Acer in the modern middle class. Instead of the Taiwanese people for the Z6, schnodes plastic plus set chic aluminium and that feels good. Some plastic can be found, so that also the antennas have their place on the upper and lower side. Continue reading “Acer Liquid Z6 and Z6 Plus: First Impression at IFA 2016”

Grey Flicker: Design Flaws in iphone 6 and iphone 6 Plus?

It starts with a grey stripe, who occasionally shows up at the top of the screen. At the same time not responding touch screen. Over time, the problem occurs more frequently until the iphone eventually unusable and possibly still be operated by Siri. Diagnosis: The iphone has a touch disease, the touchscreen-disease. Affected: All iphone-6 – and iphone-6 plus models.

Design flaws threatens every iphone 6 (plus)

Behind the cases seems to much more than an accumulation of random damage: A design flaws, judging by the repair specialists at ifixit in a comprehensive report. Therefore also no display replacement (which can cost at least up to around 200 euros at the iphone 6) helps. Because in reality, the touchscreen-disease is apparently just another facet of a scandal which hit shortly after the release of the iphone 6 plus high waves: Bendgate. At that time, including our site showed image in a video, and laboratory tests, which was mainly the large iphone 6 plus under pressure particularly vulnerable to complete bending of the housing. With the following 6 S-generation – iphone Apple changed the construction were image with normal effort immune against bending, such as computers in the renewed bending test showed. Continue reading “Grey Flicker: Design Flaws in iphone 6 and iphone 6 Plus?”

50 Sapphire: Archos Announces Outdoor Smartphone

News from the home of archos: the french manufacturer with the 50 sapphire a new smartphone presents, which is especially suitable for outdoor use. It is protected not only against ingress of dust and water (ip68 certification), but also from damage caused by falls of up to 1 meter height and the usage in extreme temperatures (-20 c ° to + 55 ° c °). Best scratches to protect the 5-inch display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, archos relies on the highly resistant gorilla glass 4

Quad-core processor by mediatek

otherwise offers 50 sapphire an equipment, which is currently located in many of the middle-class smartphones: so is a mediatek four 1.5 gigahertz processor and a fast processing cores 2 gigabyte (gb) large memory on board. The internal memory is 16 gb this information after and can be extended through microsd memory card up to 128 gb. Users can take pictures and videos with a 13-megapixel camera on the back and a 5-megapixel frontknipse. Operating system android 6.0 opts for archos marshmallow. Continue reading “50 Sapphire: Archos Announces Outdoor Smartphone”

Uber: Google Manager Leaves Board of Directors

The growing rivalry between Google and uber has triggered an open conflict. Both companies are currently working on self-driving cars. Now, the Chief lawyer of the Internet Group, David Drummond, left the Board of Directors of the service intermediary. Previously, the industry service had reported the information that Drummond had been kept out of meetings of the influential supervisory.

Uber: the mytaxi competitor in the test

Joining uber in 2013

Google had about his GM venture capitalists in 2013 is investing $260 million in uber and get a seat on the Board of Directors. This body has more power than about German supervisory boards: the Board of Directors determines also the strategy. Continue reading “Uber: Google Manager Leaves Board of Directors”

ZTE Axon 7: Cheap Galaxy S7 Alternative in Laboratory Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The axon 7 is the first ZTE Smartphone that can take on Samsung Galaxy S7 & co.. It plugs into a noble as simple aluminum enclosure. The high-quality screen, good sound and convincing brightness auto of camera shots (HDR) delighted in the test. An advantage of the axon 7: It is cheaper than the famous brand devices. Best price on the Internet: 392,70 euro * this product at Amazon order pro quality great, Extensible memory sharp camera with good HDR function large, sharp display against no Inductive charging test note of the editorial 2.32 good users rating now rate in China ZTE has been for years of one of the major manufacturers in Germany is known the company for price-performance blockbuster like the ZTE blade V6 and V7 blade, Lite. The ZTE Axon 7 to take over, however, iphone 6 and Galaxy S7 edge’s from mid-September with top devices. In the practical test, the ZTE Axon 7 already made a good figure. Now there are also the results from the laboratory and Our site. How good is the axon 7 really? Continue reading “ZTE Axon 7: Cheap Galaxy S7 Alternative in Laboratory Test”

Ios 9.3.5: That’s Why You Should Upgrade Immediately!

Apple has surprisingly released a new ios-9 version. Included are important security updates, which will close three serious gaps. Ios 9.3.5 is available for iphone, ipad and ipod touch, available and is a kind of emergency update, because at the same time the biggest attack on user data in the history of ios was known. A combination of three loopholes in the system allowed attackers reading site, passwords, emails, messages and contacts. The first gap concerns the kernel, the second bug sits in the memory management and the third and probably most dangerous system error affects webkit, the browser-based, so. With the latter it was possible, through malicious websites code execute Continue reading “Ios 9.3.5: That’s Why You Should Upgrade Immediately!”

Cat S60 in the practice test: chunk with hot camera for construction!

Test conclusion: what you should know

Faster processor, larger memory and higher camera resolution: compared to the inefficient predecessors licensor Caterpillar and Smartphone manufacturer have fitted Bullit mobile the cat S60 with contemporary middle-class technology. But that has too high a price: there is significantly cheaper (honor 5 C) for callee 650 euro and better (MOTO X Force) cell phone alternatives. For this, the heavy Boulder offers a remarkable innovation that should be of interest only for the particular cat – target group (craftsmen and construction workers) with its thermal imaging camera. Best price on the Internet: 552,00 EUR * this product at Amazon order Pro Smartphone innovation: thermal imaging camera most unusual battery robust built and waterproof counter high premium price for technology from lower middle-class large and difficult assessment of editorial satisfying now write a user rating trendy colours, chic details, precious metal of smartphones are catcher and not uncommon fashion accessories. But the technology fashion show is just a discipline in which the companions must shine. Rather, they should access the users in the hectic daily life under the arms. And he does not occur now mostly out in the boutique. All the more important that cell phones even survive a crash. Motorola presented force on a robust representative, with the Moto X what the video case test proves. But on the construction site, the iphone, Samsung’s and also X forces of the Smartphone world had little chance of survival. Here, Caterpillar leaps into the breach. The US manufacturer is known for tons of heavy construction equipment and safe clothes, wants to increase its mobile product range with the cat S60. Our site has tested the construction worker Smartphone. Continue reading “Cat S60 in the practice test: chunk with hot camera for construction!”

Electricity, Insurance and Mobile: So Much We Have to Work for It

How many days in the year have to consumers in Germany work only the usual bills for insurance companies to pay for energy, telecommunications and banking? The comparison portal Check24 has charged to financial expenses of two model cases with the average hourly wage of 16.57 euros.

Insurance and energy the most expensive

So a 45 family father has up to two and a half months, or about 53 days to settle the accounts of private finance of around 7,000 euros. By the change in the cheapest rates, reduces it costs by almost 4,000 euros and can save or spend the reward for 29 working days for other things. Alone, the father of a family, according to Check24 works up to 24 days for personal liability, risk life, household contents and car insurance together around 3,130 euro per year. Again 22 days payable for electricity and gas bill of up to 2,950 euros. Changes the family in the cheapest fare, head of the family uses only the reward of 25 days for insurance and energy bills. Look similar to the savings in mobile, Internet and telephone, where on average 840 euro will be due. Through a rate change, the costs can halve, and the earner must work for only 3 instead of 6 days. Another day he saves himself, when he announced a bank free checking account. Continue reading “Electricity, Insurance and Mobile: So Much We Have to Work for It”