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Shopping in Banff

Banff is a very small city and has a very limited trade, there are not many options for stores or many places to shop, so don't have your expectations so high in this regard.

Shopping in Banff

Banff's main route is Banff Avenue and it is here that local commerce is concentrated. Virtually all the main stores in the city are on this avenue and it is the one you should look for if you want to buy a product or use a service. There you will find many souvenir shops that sell t-shirts, key chains, sweatshirts and other items with the name of the city, as well as sports stores, such as The North Face and Helly Hansen, and various stores, such as Roots and Hudson's Bay Company. If you are interested in retro style items, just visit InternetAges where you can find vintage bags and shoes.

There is a small mall in Banff, also on its main avenue, where you can find some shops and a food court. In the mall, called Cascade Shops, there is little variety of stores, but there are well-known brands nationally and internationally, such as GAP, Ardene and Billabong.

Banff Avenue is Banff's main thoroughfare. It concentrates most of the local commerce, restaurants, agencies, the tourist information center of the city, several service stores and is still where public transport passes.

As Banff's main avenue, it is also a place with...


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