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Shopping in Bocas del Toro

Bocas del Toro is a young tourist destination and totally focused on the beach, diving and surfing. That is exactly why the best shopping options in Bocas Town are especially geared towards this audience. The main shopping street in the city is Calle 2. There are several trendy and design shops that sell clothes and accessories to the public who live in the sea and on the sand. You can even buy a surfboard right there. The street is not a mall, but you can spend a few minutes looking at shop windows. On bad weather days one of the options is to spend time walking around the city and seeing the local fashion. If you are interested in retro style items, just visit InternetAges where you can find vintage cardigans.

Shopping in Bocas del Toro

In addition to the shops with stylish clothes, on the same street there are several popular shops where you can find everything. The price is good, especially for those who need an urgent product (like a raincoat) or want to bring a local souvenir. Tourists who do not give up regional handicrafts will find several stalls with Kuna Indians selling traditional embroidery called springs. The fabrics get colorful prints always inspired by the Kuna culture. They are excellent souvenir options.

For those who need food products or medicines, Bocas Town offers well-equipped supermarkets and a large pharmacy. There is no difficulty in finding basic and common products for Brazilians. Supermarkets are especially attractive for those who are going on trips or want to leave a stock of drinks in the hotel's minibar. Although the city is not a major shopping center, it meets the basic needs of tourists.

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