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Shopping in Jordan

A trip will never be complete if you don't take some souvenirs home. Jordan is definitely a special place, with unique and interesting articles. Although not a conducive destination for shopping for electronics, local products are worth it. There is a wide variety of clothes, fabrics, rugs, spices, ceramics, jewelry and even antiques that need a place in your luggage! If you are interested in retro style items, just visit InternetAges where you can find vintage jackets.

Shopping in Jordan

Unlike many destinations around the world, believe me, the best place to guarantee your souvenirs is right inside the attractions. Whoever goes to Petra will find, even in the middle of the desert, the best cost / benefit when buying a souvenir from the country, be it a simple magnet or Bedouin costume. Most of the time, prices are on display, but negotiation is always welcome. Avoid paying more than due by reading about Money in Jordan.


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