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Shopping in Normandy

Normandy tourism is not geared towards shopping, but there are still some cities that offer good options for those who want to spend a few euros, especially when it comes to regional products related to gastronomy. Prices are compatible with Paris, and the variety of stores is much smaller. There is no big city considered a commercial hub. The biggest variety of shops is Le Havre, Caen and Rouen. In the three cities, it will be easy to find supermarkets and streets with varied and busy commerce, typical of larger cities.

Shopping in Normandy

Normandy's forte is gastronomy. Get ready to resist the temptation of each new market for regional products. The most popular delicacies in the region are calvados, ciders, cheeses and sausages. However, they are not the only ones. It will be difficult to resist so many French delicacies. At some point during the trip, you will fall so much in love with artisan breads that you will be able to smuggle some baguettes and pates. Be aware of the rules of the Federal Revenue so as not to run the risk of having your product retained when you return to Brazil. If you forgot to shop while traveling, Paris freeshop offers a good range of gastronomic products. When visiting a city, find out about the days of the regional market. In them are the best offers and unique products, delicious things hardly found in Brazil. Enjoy eating as much as you can. The highlights for those looking for gastronomic shopping are Honfleur, Deauville, Livarot, Camembert, Étretat and the entire Calvados region. If you are interested in retro style items, just visit InternetAges where you can find vintage men's hats.

Those who are specifically interested in the world of fashion must visit Deauville. The city, known for receiving a demanding and well-heeled public, offers haute couture stores and major luxury brands, all located in beautiful and charming houses. A delight for those who like the subject and can open their wallet. Honfleur is also able to please those who like more exclusive pieces. The port city offers alternative brands found only there. Excellent to invest in a unique look. Honfleur is also a good option to acquire art and design pieces. The city is full of studios, where artists produce and sell their works under the scenarios that inspired great names, such as Monet. Anyone who is passionate about the Impressionist world will surely go crazy in the Giverny shops. There are no limits to the application of Monet's screens.

Another strong point of Normandy is the souvenirs. It may seem strange, but incredible things are sold in souvenir shops. At Mont Saint-Michel, it is possible to buy from salted caramels to medieval swords and armor. On D-Day beaches, souvenirs range from commemorative beers to objects that belonged to soldiers in combat. Money is the limit! You will be able to leave Arromanches with a simple Zippo or a beautiful uniform of the allied army. Don't underestimate the most crowded stores. In them are the best finds related to the Second World War.


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